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A page all about ME Angie Rose Wood
Where do we start
Oh yes! I was born in  North YorkshireUK
Angela Rose Wood

meaning and name origin
Angela is pronounced AN-je-lah.
It is of Greek origin meaning messenger of the Gods and in Church Latin
meaning good pretty girl,
Angie is the Irish Gaelic

I use the name Angie

Rose meaning and name origin

Rose is pronounced rohz.
It is of Latin origin meaning Rose a Flower, Rose brought to Britain by the
Normans came from Old German “Hros” meaning Horse or “Hrod” meaning Fame,
Christian symbolic meaning “Rosa Mystica” the Virgin Mary

I am the 5th Daughter and the 8th child from the family of 12
Schooled at Barrowcliff County Primary School, Raincliff Modern School, Scarborough Technical college.
I do not remember many happy days at school, to me classes were not made to be pleasurable. I found English very hard to understand as there was so many things that had rules with  “but’s”. Maths was better for me as the rules were 2+2=4 and that was that. Art was where I achieved the most pleasure from, if the learning contained something where I could draw then this is where I would put the most effort in.
When I was young Adults were Adults and children were children as if we were two separate species.
On leaving school I found it was time for me to start learning and much enjoyed looking and listening all around me. Debating with that internal second me inside my head.
At 16 I thought I had reached that realm of being an Adult but as I was a small person 5′ 1″ people still looked on me as a child so I had to make sure I was noticed as I new each and every one is equal to the other no smaller or taller, this I think is the reason I used to dress very different from the usual girlie crowd.
I do believe at this time I became me myself for life, free and my own person, and yes I do think I am still there.

Angie Rose Wood First Pic approx 6Months Old

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