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Where do we start
Oh yes! I was born in Scarborough North Yorkshire UK Angela Rose Cammish

Meaning and name origin. Angela is pronounced AN-je-lah.

It is of Greek origin meaning messenger of the Gods and in Church Latin Angel, meaning good pretty girl, Angie is the Irish Gaelic.

I use the name Angie.

Rose meaning and name origin,  Rose is pronounced rohz.

It is of Latin origin meaning Rose a Flower, Rose brought to Britain by the Normans came from Old German “Hros” meaning Horse or “Hrod” meaning Fame, Christian symbolic meaning “Rosa Mystica” the Virgin Mary.

Cammish meaning and name origin.

The first is of Norman (French) origin, introduced after the conquest of 1066, and is a surname created from the Old Norman French nickname “cammus, camois”, meaning “the snub-nosed one”, from the Old French “camus”, short, flat nose, pug-nose. The first recording of the surname from this source is that of Adam le Camhus, in the 1256 Assize Rolls of Northumberland.

The second possible origin for the name is also a Norman introduction, and is a metonymic occupational surname for a shirt maker, derived from the Old Norman French “camise, kemise”, Old French “chemise”, shirt, used by men and women, and describing also priest’s surplices and herald’s robes. The first recording from this source is Bartholomewle Camisur (1282, Berkshire).

Finally, the modern surname, found as Cammis, Camis, Cammish, Camous, Camoys, Camus, Kemmis and Keemish, may be locational from “Campeaux” in Calvados, Normandy. The recording below is from this source. One Emot Cammish was christened on October 15th 1612
at Filey in Yorkshire.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Stephen de Cameis, which was dated 1200, in the “Northamptonshire Pipe Rolls”, during the reign of King John, known as “Lackland”, 1199 – 1216. 

Bestwick meaning and name origin.

This is an English medieval locational name from either of two places called Beswick, one in Lancashire and the other in Yorkshire. The latter is first recorded as ‘Baswic’ in the 1086 Domesday Book, although the Lancashire village as ‘Beswiche’ is not found until the charters of 1202, in the reign of King John (1199-1216) It is believed that the first element of the name derives from an Olde English pre 7th Century, personal name “Beac” but it is just as likely to be from “boe” meaning a bee. The second element comes from the Olde English “wic” meaning an outlying farm, and therefore bee farm is quite logical as honey was the only source of sugar then available. The surname was given either to the family of the Lords of the Manor, as seems to be the case with the Bestwycks of Lancashire, or more normally was given as identification after a person moved to another place. The Bestwyckes of Pike House, Lancaster were in circa 1600 granted heraldic arms of a red field charged with three bezants and a fess in chief, all gold, whilst the related Bestwicks of Yorkshire have a similar design. Examples of the surname recordings include WilliamBestwicke, who married IsabellDosone at Prestbury, Cheshire, in 1589, and RoberteBestwycke, who marriedKatherineParkyns by civil licence in London in 1592. In the modern idiom, the name is normally recorded in the spellings of Beswick and Bestwick. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Thomas de Bexwik of Manchester, which was dated1332 in the “Lay Subsidy” by J.P. Rylands, during the reign of King Edward III, known as the Father of the Navy, 1327 – 1377.

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I am the 5th Daughter and the 8th child from the family of 12.
Schooled at Barrowcliff County Primary School, Raincliff Modern School, Scarborough Technical college.
I do not remember many happy days at school, to me classes were not made to be pleasurable. I found English very hard to understand as there was so many things that had rules with  “but’s”. Maths was better for me as the rules were 2+2=4 and that was that. Art was where I achieved the most pleasure from, if the learning contained something where I could draw then this is where I would put the most effort in.
When I was young Adults were Adults and children were children as if we were two separate species.
On leaving school I found it was time for me to start learning and much enjoyed looking and listening all around me. Debating with that internal second me inside my head.
At 16 I thought I had reached that realm of being an Adult but as I was a small person 5′ 1″ people still looked on me as a child so I had to make sure I was noticed as I knew each and every one is equal to the other no smaller or taller, this I think is the reason I used to dress very different from the usual girlie crowd.
I do believe at this time I became me myself for life, free and my own person, and yes I do think I am still there. 

Angela rosecammish

Angela Rose Cammish

Angela Rose Wood
Has now found Tai Chi and this has reinforced this thinking and feeling.

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