Wincarnis Tonic Wine

Wincarnis The wine that is now called Wincarnis was also called Liebig’s Extract of Meat and Malt Wine. Wincarnis (win = wine, carnis = meat) was produced by Coleman & Co Ltd, St George’s and Bank Plain, Norwich and 3 New London Street, London.One consumer’s testimonial, advertised in 1891, in a book of hints and […]

History Dates for Printing

History of printing dates Woodblock printing (200) Movable type (1040) Printing press (1454) Etching (ca. 1500) Mezzotint (1642) Aquatint (1768) Lithography (1796) Chromolithography (1837) Rotary press (1843) Hectograph (1869) Offset printing (1875) Hot metal typesetting (1886) Mimeograph (1890) Screen printing (1907) Spirit duplicator (1923) Dye-sublimation (1957) Phototypesetting (1960s) Dot matrix printer (1964) Laser printing (1969) […]

Words for Scraps around the world

Glansbilder, Glansbilleder, brighteners, wafers, Decoupage, swaps, Filippchen, relief images, press images, scraps, Bokmarken,  Styken, Blanktavlor, Nouveautes, Images, Chromos, Kiiltokuvia, Poesies, poetry Plaatjes, Die Cuts, Diecut, Diecuts, Oblate, Rose Pictures, Bokmärken, Victorian scrap, chromolithographic. History Paper Printed Scraps If you’re a scrapbooking enthusiast and love to create unique and personalized crafts, you’ll be delighted to hear […]

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