New Year 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 The Year of the Wood Dragon begins on February 10, 2024, marking the transition in the Chinese zodiac. Let’s delve into the fascinating aspects of this auspicious year, Dragons are mythical creatures, anything can happen. Dragon Energy: The Dragon is a majestic and fortunate creature in Chinese folklore. […]

Molecules of Emotion 1997 Candace Pert

Candace Pert, born June 26 1946, died September 12 2013 From <> These are Angie’s NOTES on reading the above book. The Receptor (me you) The potential of each class without any expectations The potential of each day without any judgment an empty room, empty head, all is quiet and there exists a pure […]


having the compass and measuring square to the Tao “What you dislike in your superiors, avoid doing to your inferiors. What you dislike in your inferiors, avoid doing when working for your superiors. What you hate in those who are in front of you, do not do to those behind you. What you hate in […]

Reading “The Healing Self”

The healing Self supercharge your Immune System and Stay well for life by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi. In this book I found for me, not a lot that they have not said before. Much of the teaching is the bases of T’ai Chi, YOU have to start from yourself within yourself, but first […]

DENG MING-DAO No344 Uninhibited

DENG  MING-DAO No344 Uninhibited 不羁 Bùjī   The Drunk falls from the cart but is not hurt. You Through hesitation aside but look stupid. To be truly uninhibited is a rare grace.   Don’t be inhibited. If you hold back from achieving your heart’s desires, you will become bitter and frustrated. If you hold back […]

DENG MING-DAO No164 Censorship

The emperors of China and Rome punished any expression that displeased them. Whether it was dissent, unpleasant news, or a portrait that disgusted them, they were ready to destroy the perpetrators without hesitation. Today, there are democracies but no less a tendency to punish dissent, manipulate information, or castigate artists. Those in power should be […]


No142 May 22nd LEISURE 闲暇 Life’s pulse is gauged in the hollows, the intervals between events. If you want to see Tao, you must discern these spaces. This requires leisure, the chance to sit and contemplate, and opportunity to to respond to inner urgings. If you can find a place to retreat, you can make […]

The Making of ME!

I have been reading Alice Roberts book “The Incredible Unlikliness of Being” about evolution and the making of us. Once I got past all those Latin and Greek meanings I got really interested in ME! Listened to Professor Fink on youtube then onto I do feel very awesome with a deeper understanding of myself, including […]

Proving Dalai Lama Wrong

I was trawling through some old notes and came across “The Paradox of Our Age” by the Dalai Lama so I thought about it for a while then came to realise Our Age is not that bad. My Thoughts in Brackets. We have more degrees but less sence, more knowledge but less judgment, more experts […]

Monday 14th March 2011

A wonderfull SUNNY day in Scarborough UK Open all the windows let it shine in Glad to be alive!

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