DENG MING-DAO No344 Uninhibited

DENG  MING-DAO No344 Uninhibited
The Drunk falls from the cart but is not hurt.
You Through hesitation aside but look stupid.
To be truly uninhibited is a rare grace.
Don’t be inhibited. If you hold back from achieving your heart’s desires, you will become bitter and frustrated. If you hold back from expressing yourself, your creativity will stagnate. If you hold back from taking action, you will become impotent with timidity. Don’t stop anything. Let your uniqueness flow freely.
In the beginning, one must adhere to a structure – artificial – thought it may be – until one attains that proper understanding to behave with uninhibited spontaneity. If people attempt to be uninhibited without actually being uninhibited, then they only look like crass clowns. Thus one must spend a certain amount of time studying structure until there is no need for structure. By that time, one will have thoroughly absorbed the secret of moderation and one will be able to act with correctness and spontaneity. True uninhibitedness must come as a by-product of sure, fresh and creative actions.
This reminds me of set 9 “The Stalk is Aroused” in the Lee T’ai Chi
aroused to action; awakened, activated;
aroused – emotionally aroused, stimulated, stirred up, stirred, excited – in an aroused state
aroused – brought to a state of great tension; wound up, tense – in or of a state of physical or nervous tension
aroused – keenly excited or indicating excitement; ablaze, aflame, passionate – having or expressing strong emotions.
aroused – (of persons) excessively affected by emotion; excited, worked up, emotional
Awaken the mind and body it into action and think about who we are and what do we want, the questions trigger the answers, we do not SEE with our eyes we VIEW with our eyes and SEE with our mind.
The old man’s eyes were getting weaker but his vision was still very strong.

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