Molecules of Emotion 1997 Candace Pert

Candace Pert, born June 26 1946, died September 12 2013

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These are Angie’s NOTES on reading the above book.

The Receptor (me you)

The potential of each class without any expectations

The potential of each day without any judgment

an empty room, empty head, all is quiet and there exists a pure state of potential anything can happen all is possible.

The overture what is to come!

science treats the body as separate parts, it is divided up as each scientist studies a bit.

psychosomatic = imaginary, unreal, unscientific

psyche = mind

soma = body

science tends to treat the body as separate parts

Reductionist methodology

but one part is inseparable from the other

preposterous, too much NITPICKING

the dawn of psychoneuroimmunology

can we picture in our minds eye, a receptor protein peptide?

measurement is the foundation of science, the means by which the material world is admitted into existence.

emotions, the mind, the soul, the spirit is nothing to a scientist.

for something to exist we must be able to attach it to something

a MOLECULE is the tinniest piece of substance that can still be identified as the substance.

An INVISABLE force attracts one molecule to another.

they wiggle, shimmy, hum, as they bend and reshape.

a receptor molecule is a protein made up of amino acids which float on the body of a cell and has roots enmeshed in the fluid membrane, it is scanning and sensing its surroundings waiting to pick up messages that are cruising along to bind to the cell and pass on the message from any LIGAND that has the right message it needs.

Ligand = ligare meaning that which binds the same as religion.

Receptor and ligand striking the same note and binding together to pass on information.

the receptor passes on the message it receives to the cell for the cell to act on the information it receives.

the receptor can only communicate with one of its own type of ligand

There are 3 chemical types of ligands.

Neurotransmitter, steroids, peptides.

Neurotransmitter = acetylcholine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), dopamine, histamine, glycine, GABA, serotonin.

Steroids = testosterone, progesterone, oestrogen

Peptides = amino acids, endorphins, protein,

Chemical reaction, the cell is the engine, the receptor is the button and the ligand is the finger that presses the button. This changes the modality of the person, mood, emotions,

Opiate Receptor?

biochemistry, pharmacology, neuroanatomy, psychology, = NEUROSCIENCE

Dr Sol Snyder

Joe Brady

Dr Julius Axelrod


Combine male-female energy as a positive force to do great science

This is what Candice B Pert implied what the scientific community in her time as a scientist thought, Male = a wise senior, female = an old shoe

This overtakes a bit here male/female in science problems.

agonist could enter receptor and make changes.

antagonist block receptor by occupying it

endorphin body’s natural morphine

brain creates bliss and expanding consciousness.

enkephalin or endorphin

lots on PEPTIDES and history, informational substances

lots on science work in the lab and personality battles


The observable and measurable, biochemistry

Darwin speculated that the emotions must be key to survival of the fittest.

Anger, fear, sadness, joy, contentment, courage, pleasure, pain, hunger, thirst

States of consciousness,

Physiologically unexplained.

There is no objective reality, so we are not overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that is going on around us we have to filer it, body-mind most important to us, what is worth paying attention to, REDUCING VALVE,

Aldous Huxley, “the doors of perception,

Where the blood flows the mind can flow, consciously visualization of been well, fit, healthy by intentional training.

Increase the availability of oxygen and nutrients to carry away the toxins and nourish the cells in a particular area of the body. Body massage unconsciously.

You look but cannot see!!!

Lots of personal bits, interesting but not noteworthy for this.

Bioenergetic workshop, Alexander Lowen , interesting

Norman Cousins “ Anatomy of an Illness” again interesting

State of your mind is viewed in your body = body-mind no separation

Brain chemicals, mood, behavior, path to the immune system and other body systems

MACROPHAGES  metastasized = grow

Putting toxin in the body the body reacts, causes a reaction CANCER

Still room in his thinking for “SOMEHOW”

PNI = Psychoneuroimmunology

The Radical Psychoneuroimmunology

lots on science work in the lab and personality battles

Immune system, nervous system, endocrine system all moves together as a NETWORK but WHY

Information substances = messenger molecules, receptors linking brain, body, behaviour together. Thus the whole system is a psychosomatic information network, linking psyche = all that is of a ostensibly nonmaterial nature = mind, emotion, soul

Soma which is the material world of molecules, cells, organs, = The Wisdom of the Body!

Mind and body, psyche and soma

Parting from the Old Newtonian mechanistic view, energy and matter, hardwired reflexes by electrical stimulus.

This explains why our CONCIOUS mind can link into the network and play a part of it

The mid brain contains opiate receptors

Yogis through breathing techniques can alter their perception of pain and other people called mothers in childbirth can do the same LAMAZE

If this system was a Hierarchical structure that has a ruling or top down with a descending position with subsidiary roles, you can only go down or up the ladder.

Changes in the rate and depth of breathing produce changes in the peptides which contain opiates, are released from the brain stem and vice versa! In an attempt to restore homeostasis diminishing your level of pain.

Peptide-respiratory link

Its not just in your head, your body is not there to just carry the head around for what it does for you, you can induce it to do something for you by using your BREATH.

Mind does not dominate the body, it becomes the body. Dianne Connelly understanding of Chinese medicine.

Emotions to the understanding of disease.

We know that the immune system like the central nervous system has a memory and the capacity to learn, intelligence is not just in the brain but in our cells that are distributed throughout the body.

Neuropeptides and their receptors art the substrates of the emotions

VIRUSES use the same receptors as neuropeptides to enter a cell and depending on how much of the natural peptide is around or not and is available to bind depends on how easy the virus can bind and infect the cell.

NOREPINEPHRINE an information substance thought to flow in happy states of mind uses all the receptors up.

Emotional expression is tied to a specific flow of peptides.

Negative emotions as we call them like anger, fear etc are just as important as positive like courage, peace emotions it is dealing with them that keeps you healthy by keeping the right flow of peptides moving.

Ignoring and burying your emotions blocking the peptides from flowing does the harm.

Break out and get rid of the blockage then let go, do not hold on to your anger, fear,

Notice what is upsetting you then face it and let it go.


Here comes AIDS pandemic global plague, looking for a cure

Vasoactivintestinal peptide = VIP could it have an emotional tone leaving the door open to attach a cell or close the door blocking its entry.

Increasing self-esteem slows down the progression of the disease.

VIP maybe the hormonal manifestation of SELF-LOVE.

Endorphins = bliss and bonding

Lots on Science Journal article filling, lots on science work in the lab and personality battles

I cannot believe I made Candice Pert CRY!

Peptide T holistic Mind-Body

AIDS was classed as a disease of the body and only the body boys would get the funding.

NOVEL AIDS drug bites the dust.

OAM = Office of Alternative Medicine becomes a possibility to study

Body-Mind as ONE

Taint the purity of REAL Science

To show the mind and emotions can influence immunity.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence; some have no known way of measuring it YET

There is too much of us or them is right or wrong so Complimentary Alternative Medicine is needed to take place.

Germ theories wash your hands.

Feeling subtle energies moving through the body, could this be the same as we discussed first in the book.

An INVISABLE force attracts one molecule to another

they wiggle, shimmy, hum, as they bend and reshape

blocking of the bodys receptors by these fragments, not the infection of the cell by the virus.

peptidomimetics, looking for the natural endogenous peptide ligand.

lots on science work in the lab and personality battles with funding and approval

lots of personal bits that relate first hand to emotions, stress and health with a meeting with Dr Deepak Chopra saying YOU ARE TRYING TO HARD

Tried TM = Transcendental Meditation

Synchronicity Carl Jung

Carolyn Stearns = If you look underneath depression, you will find ANGER if you look underneath anger you will find SADNESS if you look underneath SADNESS you will find FEAR

Endorphins along the spine may correspond to the Indian Chakras

I had let go of all my inhibitions about the philosophic and metaphysical implications of my work, the body-mind scientist.

Woman have a thicker corpus callosum = the bundle of nerves that bridge the left and right brain hemispheres, so they can switch backwards and forwards from rational (left) and intuitive (right) with ease, to many minds!

Men go back and forth in the same side then have to change sides, one thing at a time.

Eckart Wintzen

Consciousness creates reality, mind becomes matter, our thoughts precede our physical bodies.

Physics- electromagnetic energy, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces

Subtle energy fifth force, The Power of Love

Dr John Lee Natural Progesterone wild Mexican yam Mother hormone

INFORMATION molecules are using a coded language in body-mind network

Two way conversation, not a one way push from behind

The difference that makes a difference

A cow grazing in a field, viewed by a botanist, they both see the difference of the sky and grass but the cow sees the grass as food and the botanist sees the grass as a sample to test.

The OBSERVER makes the difference.

The consciousness of the observer in quantum mechanics

So the INFORMATION (the difference that makes the difference) does not change with time or space.

The cup in front of me is the same whether I am here or in Alaska

Information does not depend on time or space as is matter and energy but exists regardless of these limits.

If information exists outside of the confines of time, space, matter and energy then it must belong to a very different realm of the concrete, tangible realm we think of as “REALITY”

INFORMATION in the form of biochemicals of emotion is running the body-mind systems then our emotions must come from a realm beyond the physical.

Suggesting the INFORMATION THEORY converging with Eastern Philosophy that mind, consciousness comes before the physical so should be MIND-BODY

FEEDBACK LOOP cybernetics, the scientific study of control processes in different systems.

Cyber meaning “that which steers” read the data information from visual or touch or smell or hear or instrument then do steer to create action, again and again.

Inborn system of inter checks creates Homeostasis.

Notice the problem, collect data on the changes, do something about it.


We as humans are not a machine moving with electrical pulses from the heart and Brain pushing and pulling us about, we are an intelligent system with information moving back and forth through our body-mind mind-body in conversation.

So when something enters the body that changes the chemical balance of the homeostasis of the body it sets up a reaction good or bad.

Natural chemicals are secreted into the body to take care of something or a response to something in the body and a receptor to do the work that is needed and takes up the chemical and maybe there is a bit left over so it is reabsorbed.

But when we use a Drug from the Dr to do the same we get a false precision, because there is no measurement to what else is going on in the Body-mind as the body-mind does all this as one together reading all the interactions so can make an informed decision. The drug enters the body and has to use all it has been given and not asked for.

Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal AXIS.

Hugs not Drugs

Use our own pharmacopoeia = the finest drugstore and cheapest cost.

But this goes wrong when we put in something it does not understand like artificial food-drink watch or listen to movies etc that starts a reaction within the body that is not real.

Subtle Energy = metaphysicians

Prana = Hindus

Chi = China

Freud = libido

Reich = orgone

Bergson = elan vitale

The free flow of information carried by the biochemicals of emotion, the neuropeptide and their receptors. Endorphins

An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

MITOCHONDRIA been polluted in our body and

Dr Norman Schwartz


Healthy lifestyle? What is it, do we look at our emotions, what makes you feel good.

Becoming Conscious

BEIGN aware and noticing internal stimulus, if we know what and where action is done in our body we may be able to listen into its network of communication.

Accessing the Psychosomatic Network

Teach yourself our anatomy, biochemistry and physiology about our mind-body help the free flow of peptides of emotion when we need them. The GLIALS are peptide factories

Get in touch with your body-mind

Deal with your emotions try not to sweep them under the carpet or put things of for another day, if you have dreams that you can remember easily, try writing them down and create a log this is a good way to directly get into your head space, psyche, be honest and try to put down how it makes you feel when you recall the dream, put a pen and paper by the bedside, mm! not to convinced of this.

Reduce stress

jon kabat zinn = mindfulness

full catastrophe living and wherever you go there you are

              Should be +wherever I go you are there for ME

Tai Chi, gather celestial energy, upright and honest to yourself and within yourself

Doing anything else slows the body-mind down

Personal integrity


Have fun, play about, work, exercise all in moderation

Left leg forward, right hand forward = left, right brain flow

Mood improver

Eating wisely, survival value, regulated by neuropeptides and receptors in the large, small intestine released by the pancreas satiety hunger, Try siping cooled boiled water, Eat according to your feelings not your impulses, Be grateful for the food you eat

Watch out for Substance abuse which comes in many forms.

Spirituality, self-help, Storytelling, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, visualization, music, art, touch, Alternative, complimentary, togetherness, integral approach

Universal life force energy, information chemicals such as neuropeptides and receptors

The bright redness of embarrassment = the mind becoming matter

There are many roots to the spirit


We are all nodal point on a vast super intelligent network that has no bounds and is not owned by anyone including God, Responding to emotional resonance, Our molecules of emotions are all vibrating together

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