Reading “The Healing Self”

The healing Self supercharge your Immune System and Stay well for life by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi. In this book I found for me, not a lot that they have not said before. Much of the teaching is the bases of T’ai Chi, YOU have to start from yourself within yourself, but first […]

Learning to Stretch only as far as is comfortable

When stretching in an exercise we must learn to listen to our body and only stretch to as far as is comfortable. To many people who exercise think it is only beneficial to us if we make it painful and give it 105% of our effort. The body has a safety mechanism that comes into play when we put […]

Treating the outside while the inside reaps the benefits.

Tai Chi should be used as a tool that that we use every day not just something we go to class, learn then forget about it the rest of the week. Treating the outside while the inside reaps the benefits. Small ways we can help our body to help itself while performing everyday tasks. On […]

What IS Tai Chi Chuan

Gentle Flowing Movements To most people tai chi just looks like Gentle flowing movements. This is what we begin with a thought of “I would like to do that ” those gentle flowing movements. So we look for a class we can attend and learn those “gentle flowing movements”. We begin with some warming up […]

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