Treating the outside while the inside reaps the benefits.

Tai Chi should be used as a tool that that we use every day not just something we go to class, learn then forget about it the rest of the week.
Treating the outside while the inside reaps the benefits.
Small ways we can help our body to help itself while performing everyday tasks.
On doing our daily care of the body or ablutions as we wash our skin, if we become mindful of the action of washing and apply our minds to the doing of the action with intention and actually feel the action of one hand touching and doing something for the other part of the body like a massage of the skin then with slightly more pressure and mindfulness we can use the washing to activate our internal system so the inside reaps the benefits of an external action. This can be applied for drying the body and applying creams . If you want to take it one step further and really help the body, make sure you wash and dry with the action of stimulating or sedating the body in the correct manner and places that need it by following the flow of the energies of the body. To activate or stimulate while doing our daily care move the hand from the inside upper arm to down around the fingers and back up the outside arm to up and over the shoulder, to calm and sedate the internal system reverse the action. On the legs move the hand down the outside of the leg around the foot then back up the inside of the leg up to the abdomen, again to calm or sedate the system reverse the action.
Most of the time you would want to stimulate in the morning and sedate in the evening.

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