Three Mariners Scarborough History

A short history of The Three Mariners in Scarborough UK

Geography has governed the history of the flat-topped bold promontory on the Northeast coast of Great Britain with the North Sea on the East with its natural anchorage which now contains the township of “Scarborough” and a property called The Three Mariners.

The promontory  has always been an important gateway to the  north-east of England. The earliest evidence of human activity are fragments of pottery from  2100 and 1600 BC, 800BC and 500BC with distinct evidence of habitation. Pits and post holes, pottery, metalwork, axe heads, and fragments of animal bones were  found.  4th AD the remains of a Roman signal station with coins dated 395 . This is not to say this is the prehistoric history of Scarborough but geographical evidence of occupation on the promontory.

There is no mention of the name Scarborough or Scaraborga in the Domesday book.

Scardaborga, Skardaborg,

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